What Our Students Say

Shweta Nagar

Shailee ma’am is best. She is very good in her teaching skills, I have been learning Ashtanga from her since almost 3months, and the progress that I’ve seen in my practice is amazing. I’m also able to perform the asanas that I wasn’t able to do 3 months ago. Her teaching techniques and knowledge of doing asanas is superb 👏🏻. If someone really wants to go far in yoga and learn deeply, I will recommend Shailee ma’am. She is bestest ❤❤.She patiently makes you do the asanas correctly, something that is the best about her. She gives logic and benefits of every asana. If you are stuck somewhere in your growth she is definitely the best teacher, I’d say you must learn from her. In my yoga journey, I was stuck in my backbending for 1 year, but now with ma’am, I’m able to do my fav asanas of backbending.Best for Ashtanga, hip opening and backbending teacher.She is best person🤗Thank you ma’am for teaching us and guiding us the right way of doing asanas..


It’s been 2 months since I have been practicing with Shailee ma’am. She has elevated my practice to the next level. She keeps the Ashtanga yoga to its authenticity not a single change or modification which surprisingly helps you with time, plus her knowledge of back bend and hip opening is outstanding.Highly recommended

Damini Limbachiya

Shailee Ma’am has been one of the best yoga instructors I have ever met. I literally enjoy my yoga classes with her. I have tried several classes and found hers the most satisfying, friendly, caring and great instruction of the movements of yoga poses.I have been practicing yoga with Letsyogwithshai for 10 months and I have seen great progress and improvement in me both physically and mentally.

Kristina Sharma

I wanted to thank you for your constant support and guidance during the sessions. I must admit even after the sessions, you’ve guided me, when I used to send my practice video and you invested your time and gave me feedback. Even in sessions I never felt left out. I was at first unsure coz I never took online classes but your instructions are so clear. I like my progress within 3-4 months I was able to increase my strength and flexibility both😇. Also you focus on the area of improvement for us and accordingly arrange the sessions which I really appreciate

Navneet Mohta

I am fortunate to have her in my life. She is an exceptional teacher and an exceptional person. She inspired in me a love for learning yoga. She always had the patience for my questions and knew how to explain the answers. Just loving my flexibility and strength journey which is leading to many more accomplishments and good health living. Super Thanks to Shailee.

Zarna Shah

Shailee has been a great motivation, yoga instructor! Her focus on body flexibility and strengthening has helped me a lot. From being stiff to being able to do a lot of stretches and poses which I thought were impossible. I had a knee injury and I have been able to sit on the floor and improved overall. She is like the must have guidance for a complete yoga experience. Thank you

Shivangi Agrawal

I have enjoyed your classes immensely. I have tried several classes and found you are so friendly, caring and great instruction of the movements of yoga poses. I must say your instructors are very thorough with their approach and explanation of the poses and I really enjoy them and their humour as well!I was searching for a class that helps my body healthy and strong; I have found these things with your yoga classes. Thank you.Lastly but not least you really have a Eagle Eyes which captures our smallest posture even in online classes as well ☺️

Anitha Sethumadhavan

I joined Shailee’s classes in April,being a teacher myself, it was important for me to find one who would understand and work with my limitations. Shailee has been patient and persistent with me, gently nudging me to go a little further at my own pace, specifically as l am recovering from a hamstring injury. I have definitely seen gains in my flexibility and strength through Ashtanga practice as well as the other classes which we do. I would recommend Shailee to anyone who wants to progress on their yoga journey.

Sarath Chandjamapa

I have been doing online classes with Shailee, for a year now and have nothing but positive things to say about the classes, the method, and the precision at which she teaches Yoga. The inward focus, the attention to breathing and to the body, the often difficult (for me) poses, though they were not new to me, but pulled me out of my comfort zone. At a physical level, I feel stronger, more energized, and willing to push myself further to that “edge”….such a gift at this point in my life when balance and bone & muscle strength are more important than ever. She is a tough teacher, good friend and most importantly punctual in taking classes even at early morning 5.30 AM.

Dipti Asudani

Yoga classes with Shailee are the highlights of new me. Shailee clearly has a gift and practicing with her has been such a joy! She really hold a space in her community, & teaches with a focus on alignment & techtechnique, but also on growth & positivity. My practice  & confidence have grown so much in time I’ve attended her classes highly recommended. Thank You

Disha Kacheria

It’s been almost a year of practicing Ashtanga and everyday is a new challenge. Having Shailee as my teacher/ mentor who not only guides me with the correct technique but also motivates me to achieve my goals especially when I feel like giving up. I can now do postures which seemed impossible for me when I joined. Thank you for always believing in me and pushing me harder to achieve the unthinkable.

Amritha Jain

Forever grateful for having met u in this journey as my yoga teacher 🙏shai just gives small small tips which is useful for getting better posture .Just wish to be consistent n grow more with her.


I am truly grateful for having your guidance in my yoga journey. I am still using all the techniques you taught but still need little time to join back to your classes.

Praveena Velu

I am a yoga teacher, but I completely believe that every teacher needs a teacher. A teacher has to be found, you are supposed to feel connected with your teacher. I found mine in Shailee. She is a mindful and brilliant teacher to learn from. Her understanding of students body and capacity, also tweaking the practise according to a students capabilities are mind blowing.Very down to earth and beautiful. Thank you so much Shailee for being a part of my journey. Grateful. 🙂

Swati Shah

Firstly ma’am thank you so much for being such a great teacher with whom all the tough asanas  became very easy. With your guidance I could grow myself with the improvement in the backbend, hip opening, and front bend . Your guidance for alignment and actively your presence to endure asana is just perfect. You are awesome and your practice gave me more and more strength and power. I always miss practicing with you because of my busy schedule. Thank you very much for all the efforts and support which has made me the teacher which I am now.

Maitri Bhaskar

I have practiced yoga since a young age but I started my ashtanga journey only a couple of years ago. I didn’t want to find a teacher for whom teaching is just a job but someone for whom it’s a way of life. I joined many online classes but I don’t think any of them had the discipline, dedication and love for their students like Shailee does. I have seen tremendous improvement in my practice and I can feel myself becoming stronger mentally and physically. Shailee can point out your errors immediately and guide you on how to perfect the asanas. What I couldn’t achieve for years, asanas that I couldn’t get were perfected within days of Shailee showing me the right technique and pointing the gaps in my practice. She is committed to all her students’ progress. Since I live in Vancouver, the classes are pretty late in the night but it’s my favorite time of the day. Shailee’s classes are challenging and fun, while also remaining true to the essence of yoga. I hope to never stop learning from Shailee.

Shipra Singh

I am incredibly grateful for Shailee’s exceptional guidance as my Ashtanga Yoga teacher. Her supportive approach, step-by-step instruction, and understanding nature make the challenging Ashtanga practice accessible to all. What truly sets her apart is her genuine care for her students. She understands when we are fatigued or need to take a moment to rest, always encouraging us to listen to our bodies and practice mindfully. Her compassion and support have created a safe and nurturing environment, allowing me to push my boundaries while respecting my limits. Shailee’s mindful teaching extends beyond Ashtanga, incorporating a diverse range of Asanas that enhance our practice holistically. Her classes motivate me to take on new challenges, pushing my boundaries and exploring my potential. Shailee’s dedication and passion for yoga are truly inspiring, and I feel fortunate to be part of her classes.

Anurag Saraswat

Shailee has been an amazing yoga teacher. Her knowledge and her techniques are so clear and good that they can help you a lot in your practise. Majorly I have been learning the Ashtanga primary series from her. There were many asanas where I got stuck and lost hope completely but she as a good teacher always made out ways for me to progress.

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