Popular Questions

How do I sign up for Yoga class ?
Who can practice yoga?

From Beginners to Advance level, all can practice.

What yoga props do I need?

Yoga blocks, and one yoga strap (non-stretchable)

Is online class facility available?

Yes classes are conducted online in Zoom.

Can I attend the classes from places outside India?

Yes you can attend classes from anywhere in the world through zoom link.

How long does each class last for?

An hour.

What are the charges for online yoga class?

One on One – INR 1000

Group of 6-7 people – INR 4000 (5 days a week) 


Please refer to the Classes and pricing page.

When do I need to pay fees ?

Fees are to be paid between 1st to 5th of every month

Are there any discounts or referral programs?

We do not provide any discounts, but we do have a referral program. You can get a 10% referral discount in the following month only.

What is the monthly renewal process?

You need to confirm and book your sessions for next month during the last week of every current month. 

The slot will be given to someone else in case you fail to confirm or book on time.

What are the expectations from the students?

 Following are the expectations: 

1) Being regular for all the sessions. (If any irregularity in attendance that person will not be given admission for next month)

2) Being punctual.

3) Comfortable yoga clothes. 

If I cannot attend yoga class regularly, will I get the refund?

No refund, fees once paid won’t be refunded. 

What if I miss any class in the Group batch?

Any class missed by the student in the group batch won’t be compensated.

What if I miss any one on one (personal) class?

Up to 2 classes will be considered and compensated.

What are the prerequisites to join class?

There are no prerequisites to join classes.

Can Hormonal Balance be achieved by performing yoga regularly?

Yes, regular practice will help you in every aspect.

Will yoga help in removing the high stress level?

Complementing the yoga practice with Pranayama and Meditation regularly will help in removing stress.

Will yoga have any benefit on physical health?

Yes it will help you internally and externally.

Can I reduce weight by doing yoga every day?

We give no guarantee on weight loss, but yes regular practice will make a lot of difference as the body gradually starts detoxifying.

Will yoga help in curing Thyroid, PCOS and PCOD problems?

Yes regular practice does reduce the intensity of all the diseases.

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