While working as a Fashion designer and merchandiser for almost 6 years in Mumbai, I started yoga with the small goal of touching my toes. As I practiced regularly, yoga was cultivated as a habit, and rather than just touching my toes, it touched my heart and soon became a lifestyle. Practicing yoga regularly helped me find freedom and enlightened me to live an authentic life.

Traversing the practice of complicated yoga poses has brought a sense of satisfaction along with Self Awareness, Self-Love, Humbleness, and Self-growth.

I decided to switch careers and be a full time yoga teacher. I completed my RYT 200 hours in the year 2018, since then I have been teaching Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. I’ve been inspired by the quote, “You have to be a practitioner to be able to understand others’ practice”. This motivates me for my self-practice everyday to be a better teacher.

As a yoga teacher and a Ashtanga practitioner, I have always loved to teach every asana with the smallest detail and impart all my knowledge to the learners learning with me. Depending on the students’ requirement, I make the classes exciting, engaging and energetic by bringing variations and modifications in the sessions.

I use the knowledge and wisdom that I found in the depths of Yoga to serve myself and my students and I rejoice at their progress and commitment as my biggest victory.

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